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Forecasting the Flooring Frenzy: 8 Anticipated Trends for 2024

Forecasting the Flooring Frenzy: 8 Anticipated Trends for 2024
In any interior design endeavor, flooring wields immense influence. Beyond its utilitarian role, flooring establishes the ambiance of a space. Material, color, shape, and texture collectively dictate its impact on the overall design aesthetic.

With 2023 drawing to a close, design experts are peering into the future, anticipating the flooring trends poised to captivate homeowners in the New Year.

According to projections, 2024 is primed to be dominated by tile innovation. Here are eight flooring trends slated to make waves, as per the insights of industry professionals:

1. Embracing the Elemental: Natural and Light Wood

The enduring allure of natural and light wood tones continues into 2024. Heather Goerzen, Design Director at Havenly, notes a preference for unstained white oaks, offering a versatile canvas for various design styles. Chelsea Potthast, Founder of Potthast Design, echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the enduring popularity of warm wood tones.

2. Expanding Horizons: Wide Plank Hardwood

In the realm of hardwood flooring, wider planks are on the ascent. Jessica Dorling, Owner and Principal Designer of Dorling Design Studio, anticipates a surge in demand for 10-inch wide plank flooring, inspired by European design principles.

3. Classic Redux: Checkerboard Tile

The timeless appeal of checkerboard tile experiences a resurgence, with contemporary interpretations in softer tones gaining traction. Samantha Stathis Lynch, Founder and Principal Designer of Samantha Ware Designs, envisions combinations like soft white marble paired with classic gray Carrara.

4. Terrazzo Triumph: Bolder Patterns

Terrazzo's popularity soars, with an emphasis on larger, more vibrant patterns. Kara Pipermeyer, Interior Designer and Founder of Studio Kosma, anticipates a proliferation of bold colorways and combinations, envisioning playful checkerboard patterns.

5. Geometric Flourish: Patterns in Tile and Wood

Patterns take center stage in both tile and wood flooring, with an emphasis on intricate arrangements like herringbone and chevron. Chelsea Potthast predicts a surge in popularity, especially in entryways and smaller areas of the home.

6. Timeless Charm: Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile resurfaces as a favored choice for adding individuality and charm to spaces. Jessica Dorling highlights its suitability for retro or vintage designs, offering custom options or pre-set sheets for ease of installation.

7. Enduring Elegance: Natural Stone

Marble remains a premier choice for natural stone flooring, with large-format tiles emerging as a practical alternative to slabs. Additionally, slate garners attention for its sleek, polished appearance, often replicated through porcelain alternatives for enhanced durability.

8. Rustic Appeal: Terracotta Tile

Terracotta tiles maintain their appeal, bridging organic modernism with traditional aesthetics. Heather Goerzen emphasizes their versatility, available in an array of shades, shapes, and textures for distinctive design expressions.

As the New Year approaches, these anticipated trends promise to redefine interior spaces, infusing them with style, functionality, and enduring elegance.

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